Sign Manufacturing Day

Workforce development is vital to our industry and a top priority for OSA. Sign Manufacturing Day is a great way to inspire the next generation of sign professionals. It’s a great opportunity to inform students about the sign industry and all of the interesting jobs that we have available.

Building on the huge success last year, the Ontario Sign Association will be partnering with the International Sign Association and the Sign Association of Canada to bring this opportunity to our members. Last year, over 1,000 students from across United States as well as Canada were engaged and excited and it was a wonderful way to tie what they were learning in the classroom to real life practical experience. It was a great opportunity to share the many exciting and diverse jobs opportunities that exist within the sign and visual communications industry.

Participating company prerequisites

The International Sign Association has developed a package to help members ensure that the events and outreach to schools will be as successful as possible

For more information on the day and how you can get involved, please connect with OSA Executive Director Karin S. Eaton via email or 905-482-4982

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